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Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions applicable to all transactions of our store before purchasing our products.

In case of any transaction dispute, the terms and conditions shall be taken as the basis, and the store reserves the right of final decision or interpretation.


- After the order is confirmed, even if there is a change in the listed price on the website, the pricing of the order will not be changed.

- Website Order: Please check the order before confirming the purchase. Once the order is submitted, you shall be deemed to have approved and confirmed the order and shall be bound by these terms and conditions.

- If any item of your order is out of stock for any reason, we will notify you for the refund of the order (if any).

- Please check the accessories (e.g. shoebox or bag) before ordering. We do not accept refund applications because the accessories are not as expected.

- If you need to receive the goods before the specified date, please check with the customer service staff before ordering.

- One-time exchange will be allowed under normal circumstances if the goods are not in the right size or style.


- Please keep the receipt and send the copy to the email address as shown on the order after the payment is made. The order will take effect immediately upon our confirmation.

- If the goods are found damaged when the logistics department checks them before they are sent, we will inform you immediately and you can choose to replace the goods or cancel the order. If   you choose to cancel the order, we will refund the payment by bank transfer.